Welcome to the Defoe House group, a recognised tenants association for residents of the Barbican estate, London.

The RTA holds regular meetings to discuss local events and planning impacting Defoe House, and represents the residents to the Barbican residents consultation committee (RCC), The Barbican Association general council (BAGC) and on various working groups around the estate (broadband, sustainability, the Garchey system, etc).

The RTA also holds an Annual General Meeting, at which reports are given to residents of Defoe House on decisions made and progress achieved, talks from local service providers are held, and votes are taken for the officer positions.

Currently the RTA is constituted of a Chairman (position currently vacant), Secretary (Helen Hudson), and a Treasurer (Richard Godber). Other officers are Jane Samsworth, David Kirkby, Garth Leder and Neil Sanders.

Any resident of Defoe may contact the committee, either individually, or collectively through the email address 'committee@defoehouse.org.uk'

Residents may also request, free of charge, an email address of their own at defoehouse.org.uk by emailing 'email@defoehouse.org.uk'. Email addresses are encouraged and will be granted for both name@defoehouse.org.uk, and flatnumber@defoehouse.org.uk, to enable residents to reach out to one another, and can be either accessed via the web at 'mail.defoehouse.org.uk' or forwarded to a main email address provided by any other email provider.

Residents with email addresses will also be added to the distribution of defoe RTA minutes, and will be consulted when votes are required around decisions on estate matters for the RCC and BAGC.